Resulting from decades of experience and a compilation of the best possible know-how, dressIT is a brand new revolutionary social platform which is part of OR2 HyberWeb Network. Being legally registered in Europe.

By having in mind the obligation of assuring the maximum protection and full respect of member’s private data plus the justified need of allowing commercial content between other members (for instance, affiliates), dressIT was carefully architected to please both sides of the same coin. Reason that will block any ads from being shown to non-commercial users.

On this way, being available either for personal use or business purposes, we have proceeded with radical changes on our platform’s scripts just to simplify the process of avoiding the storage of any confidential details as well as grating that businesses might be pleased on realizing that we can still provide an highly targeted wide promotion based on our member’s navigational directions through our exclusive and inovative HyperWeb WebDecks. Everything while still respecting personal ‘tastes’, own coordination and the will of any beneficiary.


As stated, besides avoiding the storage of private details which are restricted to direct authorized chat communications between members, dressIT does not allow to sponsor any content by any kind of smart ads or banners.

Instead, through an enhanced navigation framework, we have opted on exhibiting categorized websites and webpages directly to anyone interested. An innovative feature and serious advantage that, besides inherent entertainment, can be either used for self branded, philanthropic or business promotion. Nevertheless, everyone must be aware that any available alternative is purely optional.


Yet, to assure the maximum efficacy of what dressIT proposes and as a salutary contribution for the improvement of Internet, we need to verify if all users of our platform and network are adults that does not use automated bots.

For this purpose, we have decided that there is no better way than using Paypal as a viable solution. After all, through highly secure communication means with your favorite local bank, it’s Paypal than can better secure your confidential data, like your real name, address in reality, credit card and bank account details. Not us !

In conclusion, while keeping our ‘doors’ open for ethical business, we do not and will never exploit any private information from members of dressIT !!!...
To prove it, you can signup on DressIT using a ficticious name, not being required any mobile phone contact neither your real location. Thanks to a double layer of security which provides two distinct timelines and cover photos, it's exactly this data that anyone that you do not autorize to be your friend will see.

Allowing You to be completely Anonymous !!!