Lego Exposition...
1 Jan 10:49 AM to 1 Sep 10:50 AM
The Largest in Europa Exhibition of Models Built from LEGO® bricks is a mobile event dedicated to the design, creation and organization of professional Exhibitions of LEGO® structures and figures. The first Exhibition was held in 2013. In the past seven years, the Largest in Europa Exhibition of Models Built from LEGO® bricks, has already been visited by more than 3 million people. The Exhibition has already been held at more than 60 venues in 9 different European countries. In the near future, this incredible exhibition will be presented in several major cities in Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain and Italy. Currently, the Exhibition is divided into three independent Exhibitions. Especially for our Exhibitions, more than 300 models were designed and built, including constructions with one million pieces. In total, the Exhibition consists of almost 30 million pieces and is transported in 30 trucks, making this exhibition the largest exhibition of its kind in Europe. There is a reason why this spectacular Exhibition is called the GIANT INVASION. This wonderful event is breathtaking, it is aimed not only at Lego fans, but also for all children and adults. In each exhibition, there is a large entertainment area with pieces. Recently, the Largest in Europa Exhibition of Models Built from LEGO® bricks, integrated an additional attraction, the 3D Trick Gallery. The possibility to buy combined tickets for both Exhibitions offers the whole family many hours of entertainment with little money. Soon, exact dates will be provided on the website, facebook, billboards and national media, in which the organizers invite all who wish to participate in this extraordinary event on a European scale.
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