IT is real
    Let's follow up back in time, a while ago, on where we mentioned that an OR2 Dreams*holder could cultivate a five-figure+ following on dressIT and dedicated to Sceptik & Sculvus navigation. This kind of upcoming news focuses the mind on how we transition from Phase to Phase AND which features we can deploy to deliver the strongest impact.  Well, that's the dressIT Communication Center (you're actually on) * OR2 Europe Studios is our dedicated EcoSystem Design Studio ------...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2022-06-21 02:37:37 0 50
    When Real Revolution Knocks ... LOUD
    By ZALMOXIS TITAN 2022-04-06 10:20:07 0 30
    One might simply ask: “How the web is looking like in 2022?” Not a good place to stay, believe me. Ineffectively, there are millions or eventually billions of broken links out there. Yet, everyone is instructed to welcome the introduced Big Tech. Just to realize months or years later that the presented umbrella represents the major responsible for the explained unsuccessful, chaotic or even apocalyptic environment (consult the part I of this article). In the process, not sure if...
    By Hugues de Payens 2022-03-23 20:50:49 1 157
    Did you ever experienced what happens after you cancel one of your own domains after using it for some years ? Might be because the domain provider is charging 57 dollars to renew it, or for the reason that cPanel licenses have increased drastically and you need to reduce costs, or, as the most natural thing nowadays, you were paying for a domain to represent an online business which never got out from bankruptcy levels. This remind me those years where Big Tech was taking all web resources...
    By Hugues de Payens 2022-03-14 07:38:25 2 120
    Private Mode solution
    Few words about me/us 🔻 My real name is Marius, owner of OR2Europe. Mark this: 2 I live actually somewhere in Germany and I am 60 years old. I spent my childhood in a beautiful city near the carpathian mountains with my loving family and friends. After some time I had to leave my transylvanian home and settle in another country, now here in Munich where I actually live since 1986. I am sorry because I don't give too many details, but I think it is better to keep some things private as I never...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-11-22 10:30:34 2 102
    How to Get Paid for Being Hated
    You’ve heard the stories … (“Steve Jobs may have been a genius who changed the world, but in person he was a real jerk.”) That little voice inside of us  - the one that generates excuses for not living up to our full potential – loves these stories.   ”See? I’m not rich because I’m a nice guy.” Now at this point some are expecting me to say, “It’s not true!   The richest people in the world are actually an...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-08-31 19:02:25 2 119
    Brainfood XXIV - The Triangle Zalmoxis ... continued
    ⏬ The MerKaBa principle underlies the phenomenon of materialization, dematerialization, space-time barrier crossing and interstellar or intergalactic travel. In other words, man can transform his internal energy (the mental and emotional energy at his disposal) into Yin energy. Yin energy accelerates the particles, molecules and atoms from which the human body is made up of, until their speed exceeds the speed of light, i.e. a tachyon speed. At this point, the entire physical body becomes...
    By ZALMOXIS TITAN 2021-08-19 01:40:21 0 151
    Brainfood XXIII - The Triangle & Zalmoxis, Burebista, Scorilo and Decebal
    The 3 which were 4... New INTERactings came into fruition and XXIII as crucial number could put us into: NET 2 centuries ahead, ... so stay strong, do not forget to read. 🔻 THE LOST KNOWLEDGE OF ZALMOXIS or THE TETRAHEDRONIC STAR, THE OCTOGON and THE CARPHATO-DANUBIAN CULTURE "The dream you dream alone remains a dream, the dream you dream with others becomes reality" - Ancient Tibetan Scriptures I have never written and I do not intend to write a proper history article because I am not a...
    By ZALMOXIS TITAN 2021-08-18 19:51:40 0 211
    Know when to stop
    KNOW WHEN TO STOP The following are the limitations of setting and achieving your goals in life: You should have one goal at time only. Having two goals at the same time, will confuse you and upon concentrating on one will make it difficult for you to achieve the other one. Dealing with the risks and goals, researchers have found out that people who are given more difficult goals increase their risk strategies to develop their performances. Another limitation is called as the tunnel...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-06-24 19:18:48 0 130
    Engine started
    wild things coming up ... take a seat first in the ZOOMORPHIC chair & enjoy *** then get ready for some changes;here comes your ready-made business of "Speed, Vision & TIME-Window"
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-06-20 23:13:11 0 115
    System down ? 🤭
    No this is not a test or a genuine occurrence. But it happens all too often. I live in the backend of beyond in regard to power outages. The other day just as I was starting to compose content on my machine ZZZZTT ! Power outage!. This has been a colder than normal season where I live. Cold can cause many problems with machinery, electricity and electronics. 🤣 Circuitry can malfunction. Switches don't connect. Shorts occur ... the typical problems of a car skidding on a nearby icy road and...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-06-20 19:42:12 1 143
    Our ship is coming in and it sails fast
    As you let go of one celebration, you begin another. As you accomplish one dream, you start a new one. The Christmas tree was part of one celebration only to become the firewood of another celebration later in the year. And as you hold hands and sing around the fire in the backyard in summer evenings, autumn, or even winter days, so you are in this moment right now. Look closely, and you will see a bit of tinsel in the flames and be reminded of what was and what can be. Will 2021+ be the...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-06-20 16:53:17 2 81
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