we go High - like Neutrinos
    Click me, sit back and relax. - but first i send you back to old net, you'll find some purple jewels there too
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    Earth's Population
    * Earth - Population * Earth's current population is actually approximately: *7.9 billion* (December / 2021) For most people, this is a big number. That's it. However, in terms of percentages it can be appreciated in a more manageable humanitarian size. The resulting analysis is relatively that way easier to understand. * Of this 100% total *   - 11% are in Europe   - 5% are in North America   - 9% are in South America   - *15% are in Africa   - 60% live in Asia ......
    By ZALMOXIS TITAN 2022-04-02 19:15:12 1 47
    2022 is OR2 dressIT year
    Short Torpedo Info Note, to know when using dressIT Liability of Contents Liability is only possible at the time of knowledge about a specific violation of law. Illegal contents will be removed immediately at the time we get knowledge of them. Liability for Links Our offers can also include links to external third party websites. We have no influence on the contents of those websites, therefore we cannot guarantee for those contents. Providers or administrators of linked websites are always...
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    I Know What Color You Are !
    There are 4 color personality types. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  In a nutshell knowing what the different color personalities people have means you'll understand people better then they understand themselves. At this point this tells you nothing. No worries it didn't mean anything to me when I first heard about personality colors. But man I wish I knew about this years ago, it would have saved me a ton of aggravation. Everybody has a color type. And with that color type we act in a...
    By Hugues de Payens 2022-01-24 22:40:47 0 139
    Castle Morgana
    🇬🇧 Transylvania is a home not only for a vampire castle, but also of the Valley of the Fairies. 💖 Located in the village Porumbacu de Sus, Sibiu, Romania, 🇷🇴 Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies is a newly built hotel! For the moment the Hotel is not ready yet and is open only for visiting, but we are sure you will enjoy every moment you will stay there! 🇷🇴 The Castle of Clay (lut) , located in Valea Porumbacului, Hermannstadt county, a construction made 100% of natural materials, represents...
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    This is my conclusion
    "My respect for everyone wearing bra in the summertime !"
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    Fire Your Boss! It's the Only Responsible Thing to Do...
    You may have been raised to think that firing your boss and becoming your own boss is an irresponsible, impulsive, and selfish thing to do. Think again.Firing your boss may be the only responsible action to take if you want to build financial security for your family and provide the emotional security to your children that having parents involved in their daily lives provides. Most companies are not family-friendly. Here are some enlightening statistics: - 70% of working fathers and...
    By OR2 SysOp 2021-06-16 10:27:10 2 135
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IT is real
Let's follow up back in time, a while ago, on where we mentioned that an OR2 Dreams*holder...
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EXODUS * Intro Episode
EXODUS * Intro Read, explore in patience what you'll see and I'm very confident that you will...
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Brainfood XI - 5G + Corona
There are many who argue that we are actually sitting in houses now because of 5g technology, as...
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