Big Opera
    OK, here's a first intra-molecular experience.... let's call it: BIG OPERA ... "Gems" The logical conclusions are not 100% the own ones, however, logically and to 100% now times correctly brought in statute. It looks like the worlds are like gems in which all other gems are reflected. So: Everything that has influence,... structures everything else. People wish to pass on in heaven, but this one as the only eternity cannot be reached, not even with the help of time. This as such is felt by...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2022-06-26 16:18:33 0 10
    Is It Appropriate to Decorate With Artifacts ?
    So you just returned from a great trip to Mexico and while you were there, you managed to find several artifacts that you were able to stow away with you in your bags. You think they are beautiful pieces and would like to display them in your home so you can see the artifacts on a daily basis while showing your guests what cool items you found on your vacation. But do you really think it is a good idea to decorate your home with ancient artifacts? Sure, it is a very cool memento of your...
    By Hugues de Payens 2022-01-24 00:48:50 0 156
    When art forces you to look more closely, - 4 real
    Security feeling and perspective OR2 Europe places these cybershots  (assets far better than NFT's, having no need to be crypto secured being unique and non-reproducable anyway) in the midst of offices, flats, life and where the yet unseen offer applies. 💠 Immerse yourself, enjoy it, be part of...on the cutting path of the digital-real-virtual. The realtime cybershots on the walls do not look like foreign bodies. They represent dwellings, even for homeless people. OR2 Europe created...
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-09-01 09:57:12 0 121
    Relax - great news in the transylvanian shadows... We'll keep you updated on time   P.S. little secret in advance friends  it will be bombastic, note down your wishes & keep an eye on them on your road ... until then, ... wow I rediscovered something good for your ears and soul🔻 Meanwhile I'm immerging  
    By DressIT OR2 Europe 2021-06-22 19:32:14 0 129
    The Making of a GIF
    About a year ago. I found an old site that was part of the movement of social sites coming out about the same time as FB did. But it never quite took hold I think, because of technology was rapidly moving in growth and new techie stuff coming out so quick. So it went by the wayside and actually we didn't hear much about it at all actually after that.. Well, then I came across to it by accident while looking for different generators for creating things. Just one page with reference to what it...
    By Sam Son 2021-06-20 00:08:16 1 122
    Useful Ideas of Face Painting for Beginners...
    There are many styles and techniques used in painting. Some painters paint over canvas, stones, walls, paper, and many others. But did you know that face painting is gaining popularity over the years?  Face painting started many years ago. In fact, ancient people already practiced face paintings like the Egyptians and many other tribes. Today, people love face painting. It gives them pleasure and at the same time, they are also having fun. If you want to learn face painting, you should...
    By OR2 SysOp 2021-06-15 03:24:03 0 155
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