Let's follow up back in time, a while ago, on where we mentioned that an OR2 Dreams*holder could cultivate a five-figure+ following on dressIT and dedicated to Sceptik & Sculvus navigation.

This kind of upcoming news focuses the mind on how we transition from Phase to Phase AND which features we can deploy to deliver the strongest impact. 

Well, that's the dressIT Communication Center (you're actually on)

* OR2 Europe Studios is our dedicated EcoSystem Design Studio


Breathing some Life into a suite of Phase 2 features to come.

Our design process usually misses out on paper-based sketches, you know...? discipline effect 🤭... but OR2 Dreams went back to basics to design this Communications d-Center. 

This new perspective enabled us to extend the scope of design elements on the Profile Dashboards - elements that have already been coded in a special, unseen yet outthere mode - and put them together in a way that made communication feel more intuitive, following the new era, or how it should be done at highst tech peaks, less formal in its structure as the all so called social platforms outthere, backed by unique innovations in terms of navigating the web and adding highest value of content and effectiveness - saving time & money, having super-fun, while being 100% secure, privately supported and manipulation free.

All this by improving creativity, knowledge, education and the digital scope of the new net.

A Smart Place for Content Creators

Communication is where content is created, shared, and managed.

The sketches take already-coded elements (with our design language) and creates something unseen to a desktop and screen where editorial tools can transpond anywhere to enhance the user experience.

The 'dressIT Center' as the ultimate place with a touch of exclusivity has 3 key elements:

1. Messages & Information

Messages and information allows interaction between members, connections to outsiders, enabling also to make support requests, and enable the creation of text or audio/video-streams based messages that put viewers auto-curiosity and welcomes new members as you bring them into the ecosystem with best of design elements. 

All stored in user-defined segments (or groups) on private servers and on the cloud. 

OR2 pre-defined some segments already such as "Admin Updates" i.e.  

Segments pave the way for groups such as Anonymous and Public to emerge. 

For context, dressIT'ers are also the EcoSystem OR2 Researchers - members who help research the potential for new ideas and wider knowledge. 

- by providing high class services in 3-dimensional ways, or as we call it wisely ... vectors: friends, viewers and the creators themselves, resulting finally in what' best: synergy and symbiosis.  

OR2 dressIT Researchers is a special Hero level, in Sceptik we call him 'The Dragon', that enables members who have demonstrated a passion for the ecosystem to interact with their peers and help shape the future directions of our all business. 

2. News Channels, Keywords,

... Search & Finds

dressIT has dedicated news and streaming channels out of the box, igniting seeks to enhance your ecosystem experience, while Sculvus Online 3d-Browser will explore what's coming next in our business and that of our Ecosystem Partners. 

It also spotlight Creators; we think you'll enjoy.

We also create 2 dedicated and unique affiliation systems covering the network itself as well as the mainstream web & channels that bring you a new experience on: traffic, search & finds to your dressIT-affiliate links, services and OR2 products (say exposure ), as well as on your exclusive to be expected benefits;

...all without the old net surrounding mumbo-jumbo and time vaste.

For future dressIT Researchers and other authorized creators, we are designing channels with videos at their hearts (while traditional text, image updates and articles are still possible and having key roles too).  

All dressIT upgraded creators are authorized to run ads in the ecosystem - but there are no plans to accept ads from external sources into the system. 

That's great because we become honed to the needs of our project members and creators - which prevents design-breaking adverts from external sources and leakage - a process where members can be distracted away from their own website or activity; well observed to happen in all existing networks outthere.  

3. Help Center

At its core, Help is essentially, brought to you by OR2sysOp and sysOp special groups, interactive messages or proposed channels - always supported by dedicated pages or panels that incorporate Smart & Innovative Search (which also is available for any kind of messages, segments, menues, templates, keywords, categories & channels).

The sheer scope of content for the Help Center idea will increase with each new feature release, so we have designed different roles, whereby the content is written (or recorded), uploaded, published and revealed. 

You will explore the scope and benefits of all this in time when all these components of the platform are in place and note: all deployed in realtime, without having if possible any downtimes, data losses or other ugly known issues.

This being said, we hope you see a bit the specials done, those to come and can appreciate the massive works behind, not only as a one-way ticket.

Good and unique things are rare, take time and have a cost, because good is not always to be understood as free.

* So begin to Dream.

Bigger 🥰

... bring colours into your business and secure your works, home, walls and efficiency with


Exclusive, Unique Assets & Goodies.  

IT 's real. 🎯🦾


We create also strong beneficial reasons to engage, have fun, learn, and become passionate members of OR2 and the dressIT ecosystem.  And yes, we might support a few more excluisive projects in the near future.

This adds a new dimension to the Hero (You) as it rewards you for beginning a chain reaction. 

This idea helps to foster the interactions between members.

Everyone stands to gain and we are getting a little giddy with where this can go.

By the time next Phase unlocks, we could have quite a lot more Hero triggers.