Something somewhat predictable. Microstatistically

So, we fight against viruses.

But when we build 5G antennas to burn down later life, plenty camouflaged tree antennas built from plastics, which are from black oil burning and infesting our lungs, and after people will burn down those 5G plastic antenna trees, the residuals will land in deep waters.

So why wondering if what was natural given is destroyed by own hands, by leaders not being able to spell 3 words without 'aaaahm' in between?

If someone is trying to do better, ........ if they're doing the right things we need to build them up not tear them down.  

'#Bees collect pollen in such a way as to cause the least disturbance to flowers.


Because flowers are alive, just like all the nature around us that we gather or replace with radiant antennas ... destroying it.'

NONE of us have clean hands when it comes to making bad choices, some choices are just more complex than others....

... So, don't even think of choosing 6G.