Sunday, January 23rd, 2022,
On Sunday, May 16 th, 2020 
617 days ago
Our Founder account numbers were, to say the least different.81,725 Now looking back at my notes with total amazement at what has occurred over this past year's growth I must say, my gratitude is not describable with any words written that I can come up with to express my feelings about this Business of ONPASSIVE.

Actively marketing online since 1998 or should I say, practicing my marketing skills since that date with success in different ways. Just not a financial success, this has been an extreme amount of extra work, being a business owner actively working every day with my bread and butter business, but when you want to have success at something and you like doing what you are doing, you CAN NOT think about the time spent or you will be discouraged for all your lost time, not to mention possible lost funds you may have invested. Receiving knowledge is something that people pay for every day.
Having my own bread a butter business for or 35 years as a builder has been rewarding in many ways. Being your own boss is NOT easy and it's not for those who don't have any faith and won't go that extra mile that is needed to be a business owner, for sure.

I was thinking about my retirement and how I was happy with my success as a hands-on builder. But saw my investment was probably going to get me through but I really don't care for the word probably as it allows errors to occur.  So still looking for that business online that I tried so many times to make work but never could, I was determined at some point things had to change on the side of the so many who had been trying for so many years and never saw their dreams come to fruition through the internet. Yes, I was part of the 97%.

Then ONPASSIVE comes into my view, through a very good friend who I have known for some time now online, I would say years actually. He told me about this business I might be interested in and being burnt so many times I hesitated and that was in August 2019.

Well November 29th, 2019, I become a Founder with zero prodding from my friend. So I'm reading about how this business ONPASSIVE that says it's all done for you, and that this online " Real Business" is back by ( AI ), and how this is all possible because of one man named Ash Mufareh, who knew about marketing online and was educated for this and successful. Ash having a heart for humanity had a vision about what humanity needed for the future of the online business world. Having this vision of Helping Humanity was considered in the world of the WWW and internet to marketing gurus was taboo, and going against the grain of the money lovers who were always the winners. Ash was done with that, his integrity and life didn't reflect those values. A Lifestyle severance was made and a master at his internet craft was ready to serve humanity. 

So Ash shares with others that he is going to correct the corruption and level the marketing field that has never been done before, so the normal guy or gal who knows nothing about marketing could actually make a living online. What was very intriguing for me to think about and the words I read where ONPASSIVE was going to "force you to succeed".
That was the trigger for me or being the challenge, but would I accept the challenge?

Well, my motto has always been" Nothing Ventured is Nothing Gained" and "Going The Extra Mile Brings you, Extra Close " to Your Dreams.  

You don't have to do a single thing if you don't want to, seriously, it really is all Done for you through AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) ONPASSIVE, sells the products, does the marketing, builds your website, brings the traffic to it, closes the deals collects the money, pays your O-Wallet and just continues to grow your business for future years to come. Which can be handed down to your family for future income savings and value.

So, for me, if you don't have to do anything but you decide to do as much as you can anyway, for a while, like one or two years. Then what will be the effects of working it will have on your timeline of financial business success to fruition? I would think my retirement is going to be much sooner than I thought. Then it's all about helping others financially because I will have it.

There has always been this one thought I have had as a marketer, and it is still there today. That is this, just what if?, that one person you help became a Founder, and they have a company of 10,000 employees, and they wants them to become Founders while working in his business and even pays for them to become a Founder as a future benefit for their retirement. Think for a moment, this could happen. But time is running out.

I think about it. I dream about it. It's very possible. In less than one year we have grown by 574,684 Founder accounts, which was in 2020. This is 2022 we have more than doubled that. What is going to happen?  Now January 23 and we are beta testing products with a New back office with our new e-mail, O-Mail, and about 5 other products that are being beta tested. Our accounts numbers are over One Million One Hundred and Sixty thousand two hundred plus that's 1,160,200 and launching new products soon for public purchase. But being you're a Founder the products will be all yours as part of the package and profit that goes with them.

Our CEO now has in his mind an actual date to the closing of what is going to be the highly sought-after 97 dollar Founder Position. It sounds like there will be a small opening before the hard launch with an increased price to become a Founder for just a few weeks. Then The Flood as I call it, for those who pay the resellers fee.

This is when the AI-generated traffic will start and the rest is history. Have a great evening or a great Morning. Either way, make it an O~week. Full of ONPASSIVE life and living.
This is just the start of THE ONPASSIVE LOVE OF HUMANITY.

Gregory Hill

Founder at ONPASSIVE and member of team GTO ( Gone Totally ONPASSIVE )