🇬🇧 Transylvania is a home not only for a vampire castle, but also of the Valley of the Fairies.

💖 Located in the village Porumbacu de Sus, Sibiu, Romania,

🇷🇴 Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies is a newly built hotel!

For the moment the Hotel is not ready yet and is open only for visiting, but we are sure you will enjoy every moment you will stay there!

🇷🇴 The Castle of Clay (lut) , located in Valea Porumbacului, Hermannstadt county, a construction made 100% of natural materials, represents the transposition of a fairytale image, from childhood books into the reality of the 21-st century, at the foot of the Fagaras Mountains (Southern Carpathians).

Perhaps the most meaningful word that can describe this unique construction is courage.

Although most of us dream of leaving our current job, our city life, in exchange for the tranquility that the mountains and nature can offer, the final decision is far from our desires.

One brave couple, Mr. Razvan Vasile and his wife Gabriela, were the creators of the Clay Castle, giving up city life and choosing to retreat to the mountains, building this impressive national landmark.

Located near the Porumbacu River and the Fagaras Mountains, surrounded by vegetation and places to relax, the Castle of Clay transposes fairy tales and fairy tales in the midst of today's civilization, building an indescribable image.

📷 castle of clay fairy valley