If we want there to be a world in the future, with normal children and normal people, people should look to and learn the good things from the right and good people, not from the crooked and deranged.

That's the way it used to be, people learned from the wise, from the philosophers, not from the disaffected and distorted, that's who they hanged.

People must listen to the just, good and wise man, not to associate with evil, gossiping and cold people, and above all, they must live with love, giving with love and receiving with gratitude what is asked of them or offered to them, not sitting all day on some silly devices and thinking about how others are doing and gossiping and envying others, because in this way, living with thoughts of others, life passes without any meaning.

Basically they live the lives of those people they watch and care about in their feeble minds, the lives of those whose lips they follow on facebook & co., ... instead of living their own lives.

Of course it's great to have someone to learn good things from, and to upgrade yourself overnight with the help of a wise and kind man who gives you from his heart and teaches you the most important things for your own good, but from here to looking at the lips of women or 'new disaxed genders' who think they are gods and will rule the world ( 🤣 lol) on 'so-called social networks' day in - day out and what she or he does with her/his children all day long and what she or he eats and who else divorces and who else she or he is happy with, ... it seems to me there should be a longer distance.

It's one thing when you learn something from someone, it's another when you sit and watch how someone else lives, what they look like in a bathing suit and what they've dressed their kids in, how they bathe on tik tok and etc.

Obviously we can't be absurd and live in isolation from each other, as I live in total isolation in some space, but have some loving interaction between people.

But from a normal interaction based on some values that we are supposed to pass on to each other, today it has turned into a mentally ill interaction of people grimacing and showing their body & brain nakedness  on all screens.