It may seem impossible to go through life without having any illnesses and without taking any pills, since even for a tooth you might have to take antibiotics.

But the Japanese manage to avoid getting sick, because it is very easy to avoid illness if you are a simple man, but very complicated if you are a sophisticated man, full of petty interests, nasty feelings of malice, envy, revenge, etc., you get the idea... especially since I have already beaten you over the head with it for a long time.

Complicated, conceited, stupid-as-the-night-in-their-minds, rich-from-stealing, living-in-luxury people who guard their health by taking care to eat healthily get sick dozens of times more than simple people.


Because they're dumb as a post, as I said.

And I'll say it again:

* because they're dumb as night, not to offend them, but to wake them out of their stupidity.

What is their stupidity?

The same thing that Mr.X stupidity consisted of, who, together with his wife, ate only salmon, believing that it contained omega 3 and omega 6 that were good for health, and thus enriched themselves with mercury, because salmon contains many heavy metals from contaminated oceans.

Simple, poor people who ate a roasted romanian  fish did not become rich in mercury, remained poor but healthy.

The Japanese eat a lot of ocean products, because Japan is actually an island, as we all know.

But they don't get rich on mercury, and if you want to know why, you have to get your head around it.

"The smart man has the idea and the plan to accomplish something, and the fool (the no-good man) has the story (the ruse) of what's going on, while the smart man struggles to see it through."

- you cannot deny now, i told you.