About the period in which Zalmoxis lived, the father of history Herodotus gives us very valuable and indirect information.

He states that the Greekss resisted the Persian army of 700,000 soldiers, guided by the moral, military and religious principles instilled by Zalmoxis.

Most historians place Darius' expedition through the Dobrogenean lands (actually Romania) in 514 B.C.E.

In that year, Zalmoxis was no longer alive because Herodotus does not mentioned him as a direct actor in the anti-Persian struggle.

So Zalmoxis lived before the Persian attack, during the 7-th or early 6-th century BC.

Herodotus' journey in the footsteps of the Persian armies in Eastern Europe was made in the mid 5-th century BC.

More than a century after the Persian expedition and some 150 years after the physical disappearance of Zalmoxis, Herodotus gathers from 'the Greeks living in Hellespont and Pontus' ('Histories', 4, 95) some of the most contradictory information about the leader of the ! Goths.

The Greeks in the Pontic colonies had heard of Zalmoxis, but believed that "he had lived in bondage as a slave of Pythagoras" (Idem).

Such an opinion is false, because Pythagoras lived during the campaign of Darius, between 571 and 496 BC.

Zalmoxis and Pythagoras were not contemporaries and obviously could not have met on earth. 😏

Plato was an Athenian philosopher during the Classical period in Ancient Greece...
Notable: work: ApologyCritoEuthyphroMenoParmenidesPhaedoPhaedrusRe...
He was born: 428/427 or 424/423 BC
So as we can admit, he also could not meet on earth Zamolxis, right ?
Now, all what we were misleaded in teachings was that Plato revealed the polarising definition of the demiurge     ( in short evil ), which he fantastic shaped and defined into words, no doubt.
But, returning to Zalmoxis ... ancient rumors say that he was connected to the only universal source and was the one or the sword that lead the demiurge into eternal failure and things that i try to expose to you in a bunch of special series coming in here.

Today we start with a first lesson


Brainfood Part I

Imagine Zalmoxis saying:

I'm here to remind you of the truthπŸ™πŸŒˆ Full disclosure has begun πŸŽ‰πŸŒ

"I am sovereign and no being or non-being is allowed to encroach upon my sovereign space."

May this serve you well and awaken you in Spirit. The planet is changing.


Take care of your inner light and make it grow and you will see that in the same moment both the light of those around you grows and the light of the planet too.

Just focusing on yourself and healing yourself individually is the key to the best version of you.

You are light created from light and you have the power to create in turn what is part of the light. 🌟🌏🌈πŸ₯³

It is very important from my point of view to follow 7 essential steps in your spiritual healing and evolution. 

🌞1.  Non thought meditation is important because it brings energy into the body through breath.

The more energy you have in your body the faster solutions to problems come to you, you have a healthier body and you are connected to your intuition.

In short I recommend listening to samadhi guided meditation 1:


🌞2. Cleansing and protection are equally important.

Every day we accumulate thought forms (our own or not) and energetic parasites from outside in our aura.

The latter cling to our energetic structures, lower our vibration and influence our thinking, making it difficult for us to access our intuition (we have no clarity in what we are doing).

Mere presence in society, in crowds of people, draws their thought forms or even their entities into our aura depending on how low our vibration is.

This is why clearing with light and protection are very effective tools in keeping our aura clear.

Persevere in doing your cleansing and protection for a week and notice the effects.

🌞3. Grounding is important because the earth absorbs excess negative energy from our body and charges our root chakra which deals with safety and material abundance for this 3D plane (dimension).

🌞4. Constant self-observation of low vibrational thoughts and emotions as well as saboteur programs imposed by the system in our structures is important to change little by little our thinking and internal saboteur programs.

I recommend "Lo defiant" for the awareness of the internal saboteur       ( bring 3.5 hours of big patience with you, you won't regret ):


Once we notice the saboteur programs as well as the low vibration thoughts, it is important not to identify with them but to choose to change them into constructive ones and to persevere to work with us.

🌞5. Food is important because it is loaded with information, both positive and negative.

Everything that comes from the planet (e.g. seeds, vegetables, fruits, roots) has a high vibration, being biological material, i.e. fast absorbing.

Food is considered foreign to the body, because at the DNA level it is built to feed only on energy.

For example, autotrophs use solar energy.

High vibration food generates a positive emotional state, as well as a high energy level in the body.

In short our body is not designed to eat meat, because it carries as an informational message fear and panic that the animal eliminated when it was killed.

It is as if our body is processing recycled information (meat).

Always ask your body what healthy food it would eat and the first thought that comes to mind is that answer.

Your intuition will work better when you eat a healthy diet.

🌞6. Perseverance and healing meditations according to your needs.


- recovering soul fragments and your instruments of light, unblocking chakras and cutting negative etheric cords, healing your inner child, unbinding curses, contracts by removing evil implants, etc. 

🌞7. Power of Intention.

We all have the answers to everything we need to know, only many of us have forgotten how to connect with our intuition and unravel the answers. 

Example of intention: 

a) I choose to be shown about ... (a situation, a person, the next step in your healing or whatever you want to find out). 

b) My Higher Self, ... I lovingly ask that from this moment on you guide me in all that I do or intend to do, in order to know the most correct solutions to the problems I face for my highest good. 

How do you get your answers ?!🀩

The moment you ask yourself a question that relates to you personally, you close your eyes, ask the question, then the first answer that comes to your mind ... that one is sent from two directions depending on the vibration you are at. 

So if :
✨ the first answer that comes to your mind sends you an emotion of peace, calm, tranquility, security, clarity means that it is the answer of your soul and your self (it is the answer that leads you into the light) 

✨ the first response that came to your mind conveys a state of nervousness, worry, discomfort, irritation, then the response is coming from the ego, from the mind, from the negative entities that you have near you or from the negative thought forms that you have attached in or to your aura.


⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Brainfood Part II

Man you have not only two eyes with which you perceive light, did you know this?

You have 130 million photoreceptor cells in each eye 🀩

Each cell is made up of 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) atoms, which is more than the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy πŸŽ‰

Every atom in every cell, in every eye, was formed in the core of a star, ... billions of years ago and yet these long-formed atoms are here now, and used to capture the energy released from stars.

And all to help expand consciousness, meaning YOURS! β˜€οΈπŸŒ

The universe has an interesting sense of irony in that you are the universe... experiencing itself!

✨ Your eye is an organ whose main function is to detect light from which it takes the information it needs.

✨ Your eye can differentiate between about 200 shades of colour.

When the intensity of a particular shade of colour changes, this gives you about 500 extra shades of each colour.

Changing the proportion of white in a particular colour gives about 20 extra colours for each shade.

This way it comes to the conclusion that your eye distinguishes about 20 million colours and all of them bring information and energy into your body. 🀩

That's why you create a portal made of your eye, to connect to yourself and get from it the information you need... as well as to be aware of your shadows🌈

What is necessary to do? πŸ₯³

✨ take pictures of your iris

✨ choose your favourite photo, then create a mandala based on your iris using the kaleidoscope function

✨ Then as soon as the portal is ready you can connect to your aspects of light, as well as dark while looking at it πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ₯³

We all know that the eye is the mirror of the soul and that it shows how we are energetically with the organs, chakras and overall health of the body.

So, the most effective way is to connect to a portal created from your iris. πŸ’™

More than that, you connect to the dimension you come from, whenever you look at this portal and take in information that serves your highest good.

🌈 Choose to reconnect to your inner power.


"Each image is a unique creation made according to the kaleidoscope function.

The magic begins when the uniqueness of each image spontaneously forms without being planned."