There is variety in life, often when you least expect it.

An idea can hit you out of the blue and so can an occurrence. I had one last night that I'll bet no one here has ever encountered. Experimenting in writing can be hazardous to your health! 🦾

Where I live some beautiful early fall days are happening. Some colours yet. Their peak day hits around 8 p.m.

But the sky is cool and the fall odors are pleasant. In the city it attracts millions still to what i do not like - drinking and fooling around.

The cool, however, brings in last stray insects at times including "shudder" mosquitoes. All are seeking household warmth to bring back the pleasantness of summer. 🤣

Of course, they're also attracted to light especially the back lit computer monitor. I don't have to go to Paint to doodle.

I sometimes move my cursor around the screen directly beneath where the insect is positioned. Some don't react but some species do.

Much to my surprise my click propelled the insect off the screen and it made a beeline right at me and gave me a memorable itchy bite!

We are all curious and seeking uniqueness in our daily copy.

Uniqueness sells!

It is a main driver in customer experience and enhancement.

  • Stay safe in your seasonal environment even indoors!

The last days of desktop as you know it marches in, stay curious & tuned ... this idea will be continued soon in here with some special news.